How to Correctly Iron a Pair of Pants


Among the most essential garments you're likely to own, pants are a vital item to have looking best. A creased pair will certainly get noticed throughout your role as a member of personal household staff. Here's our top pointers for you to remember when ironing pants, whether your own or your company's.


1) Set the iron to the right setting


Having your iron on the right setting is the very first thing you should always do. Not focusing on this could result in either an improperly ironed pair of pants or, even worse, a case of 'the shining' - where your pants burn and the fibers mold together, leaving an obvious shiny spot. We would recommend checking the label on your pants and set the iron in accordance to that.


2) Iron the pockets


One of the really first things to do is make sure the pockets are ironed. Not ironing them can result in them not hanging well and ruining the total look of the pants.


3) Iron the waistband and top of trouser


Next you should move onto the waistband and top of the trouser and this must be done by turning out the pockets and fitting the pants around the front of the ironing board. Bear in mind to push the iron on to the trousers, rather than pressing the iron along.


4) Mark out the trouser creases


Now lay the trousers flat on the ironing board with the cuffs right at one end and the waist hanging over the far end. Flip one leg up so you are only ironing one leg and find the two seams by looking inside the cuff. Arrange the trouser leg so the seams are straight in the center of the leg; the sides are where you will certainly wish to iron your folds. Spray a little water on the location then press lightly to mark a crease around 2 or three inches up the leg. Repeat the exact same process with the top of the trousers on both legs.


Now that the top and bottom of the crease is marked out, all that's delegated do is mark out the crease in the middle. To do this, lay the pants flat and push the iron up along the seams.